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Individualized Answers for Any Skin Condition

The Obagi Skin Health Institute has the technology and comprehensive knowledge to address both medical and non-medical concerns. Our clinical focus ensures a total approach to treating and reversing virtually any skin condition, even the most difficult or hard to treat. The outcomes our patients routinely experience are why other dermatologists often refer their most challenging cases to us.

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Get Advice on the Best Course of Treatment for You

We want to give you the best skin you can have. Even if you don’t have a specific skin condition that requires medical attention, and are simply looking to keep your skin in good shape, we have solutions to achieve vibrant, healthy results.

Experience Skin Restoration and Rejuvenation

Discover how our skin health services can activate and stimulate your skin’s cells to nourish, repair and maintain healthy skin. If you’ve invested time and money but still aren’t seeing results, please call now to learn how we can improve your skin health and help keep your skin looking beautiful.

In this section you will find information, based on the opinion of Zein Obagi, M.D., that is presented in simplified terms and meant to be educational. The content is not a substitute for appropriate medical care. For detailed information and evaluation, it is recommended you see a dermatologist for further questions or concerns.

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